Another good reason for the yellow line modification

In recent days you have informed me why the glazing is so awkward to paint on. Well here is another reason I state my case in asking for a modification.

Follow this link to Wikipedia for another photo and then I ask:

Are there any takers to start a Bell 47 formation?

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Perhaps a narrow band of polygons separate from the glazing itself which can then be textured and act as the paint line could be generated to meet this request?

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I didn’t say it is awkward to paint on, I said we use a msfs plugin to create an environment map that gives windows that…Window look. It may be possible to create an addition to the model via a new piece we could add in blender, I’ll keep it in mind when I’m in there modelling again.


Ahhh beat me to it, yup that’s what I’ll look into :wink:


I don’t want a yellow line modification so if this is implemented it should be optional.

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I’m sure that they are talking about just adding a “yellow line” to a livery(ies), so it should be pretty straightforward to select, whether you have it or not, based on what livery(ies) you choose to use.

Guys, guys, please don’t get angry and fight over something I have said.

A single line of polygons wont do it either I am afraid. If you have followed my link to Wikipedia above, you will see that the word ARMY is also painted onto the canopy for the Blue Eagles helicopter formation - so that make five aircraft at least that would need more than just a “line”. And then in the two examples I have posted elsewhere show a Canada Maple leaf on the line plus a squadron ident letter (in my examples the “E”) - that would account for a few dozen more different liveries for army Sioux.

The fact is, none of my wishes on the “nice to have” list are impossible. They have just been made awkward for this non-programmer (me) to fix. All msfs does is move pixels on a display and activate sound on the computer speakers. Period. As my Computer science teacher taught me 50 years ago input = output. You, the programmer, tells the computer what pixel to display where. That will never change.

So to you flyinside guys - if you want to, you can do it, just do not use any words like “impossible”. I may not be a programmer, but I did learn Fortran IV and algorithm logic in the late 1960s. I just never wanted to live off pizza and coffee :wink: which is why I became an aerospace engineer with flying hours on fixed wing, fling wing and gliders in the end.

To MikeFear303:

Sorry for upsetting you on thise mate, I am a painter and whether you want a yellow stripe is OK by me, but I will only really be happy with a G3 or G4 model with turbocharger, UK army radios, UK army mods and a paintable canopy. Other people might beg for a Soloy conversion gas turbine powered Bell 47 or one that has trimmable controls.

Remember, what we, the customers, want is irrelevant. Flyinside is offering and selling us a basic unturbocharged B47G version to which we may add a “nice to have” wishlist.

Besides - I really am very happy with what I have in this helicopter. It is the BEST I have used so far in any iteration of the microsoft flight sim franchise. Period.

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You don’t upset me with your wishes just letting Flyinside know there are other opinions. :wink:

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Two pictures - two thoousand words:

See what I have been meaning all along?


That’s looking good.

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Thanks. But will only be possible if…

And I also have all the correct tail numbers for a team of 5:

XT 130, 193, 206, 242 and 511

Some colour shift may be necessary - will have to check out in sim. Also to-do: the AAC badge, the RWB fin flashes, the tail rotors, the red strips on the tail hoop.

It just needs 5 volunteers to fly in formation - XT509 was also once on the team, but sadly Cat 5 and RIP.

And this, I am sorry to say, will never get to public release without some assistance from you Flyinside pros. I even found a group phote of the pilots…

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If the 3-4 weeks experience that I have of flying this helicopter qualifies me as a “FlyInside Pro”, I’d be only too happy to help, but unless you need a “water boy”, I’ll probably be of very little use to the team. :slight_smile:

It’d certainly be good to watch such a team in action though.

Definitely in need of an editable bubble, but this shows a lot of promise and it is still only w-i-p