Consolidation and Update Request

OK, it has been around two weeks now and although I have had several responses from the team, it would be very nice to know which, if any, of our feature requests are going to be looked at and those which aren’t. You know: a bit like the development update thread over at msfs.

From my point of view I was interested in the following:

  1. G3 variant with turbocharger
  2. Location of main and tail rotor textures (ooops, just the main - I have now found the tail)
  3. mic tels jacks for the pilot’s headset/helmet?
  4. de-chrome the exhausts, or at least add blueing / rust and sooty inner surfaces
  5. Maybe add ground handling wheels
  6. the “red wool” turn and slip indicator on the front centre of the bubble
  7. editable transparency texture for the bubble (the more I fly the G3, the less I like the envmap effect of the bubble - it does look a little unreal, more like a zero thickness bubble of gas
  8. UK army modifications such as the various radio boxes mounted on the framesaft of the engine
  9. paintkit - well, you have said it was due release “next week”. Over a fortnight ago :wink:

There are also quite a few other member suggestions and requests, not least things like external litters. Which also reminds me that I would add another siggestion like the huge “Skyshout” loud speaker and the controllable “NightSun” spotlight (bright enough to read a newspaper from a mile high). Or a cargo hook for underslung loads.

I am sure we all appreciate the comments you have made in response to all these. It’s just that a “tracking list” is beginning to make sense so that we know what might be coming and when, or what definitely won’t be done.

No pressure…

OOOOPPPS!!! I just found the paintkit in the Flyinside Heli Manager. Sorry! I haven’t been able to open the textures yet because I have got to find out how to open the file extension pspimage

FlyInside Bell 47G Road Map - General Forum - FlyInside Helicopters Forum ( might be of some use

Oh poop! Another failed search. Mea Culpa!

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