First Analysis of the new Texture and UV Mapping

More to addd to my previous comment about the new textures

In order to take a closer look at your texture map layouts I have done a reverse paint by making whole texture sheets a single colour (except for a few instances where I can identify bits in my sleep):

I then converted these to dds and made a new model the looks appropriately garish:

In my initial glimpse at the flying 3D model in sim, I notice you have some definite mistakes that need fixing:

  • there is a “floater” under the heli belly :wink:
  • the dark yellow oil filter housing (I guess it looks like a filter) has a hole in the end
  • the white vent outlet on the firewall need solidifying or filling
  • the new tail rotor control cable and hydraulic pipes are not consistently mapped. Black, shiny, white, blue colours have been used
  • as I previously mentioned - the repairs are on a different UV to the main structure
  • (another shot or two below)

I will make some more solid colour textures to identify more items. Your current paintkit uses only three sheets, but in actual fact, I currently see at least 33 “basecolour” sheets that are used by real world liveries in the visible external 3D model.

For anyone who would like to open this livery and check out what I have done to my master paintable files, here is a dropbox link:

dropbox link

I will remove this in a couple of days, but basically the enclosed livery can be used to add a “harlequin” bell 47 to mfsf for you to examine in msfs “showcase camera” mode. The coloured items on the model obviously correspond to the UV/texture combination.

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i wait for the Float Version,
and finish Models and Textures,
at Moment i stay on old Version before 1.29…
will also update,but for test only.
if it is finish i will redo some of my Paints…
Cheers Ralf

any chance of a re up for a new comer?


It won’t hurt to ask. :slight_smile:

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