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Hello again, “grumpy old git” here…

The more I look through the various requests on (in forums threads as well as the livery request page), the more I see the desire to have a livery which needs painting on the perspex bubble - currently somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the wishes I see involve the need for modified and editable bubbles from windows to painting. From thermometers in the glazing to markings on the doors. Both fictional variants from TV and movies and authentic RW liveries.

OK, that was just a reminder. As far as modified 3D models goes, take a look at a couple of the gliders - they have sliding windows…

Right, down to specific requests/suggestions:

  1. There is an earthing point on either side of the cockpit near the top rear of the wedge shaped panels - can you add this please?

  2. The RAF Central Flying School variants have a “Radio Box” and VHF (?) aerials extra “inside” the tail boom. On the Army variants, there are two radio boxes just aft of the mast on the framework behind the fuel tanks - the VHF aerial is on the top of the tailboom.

  3. There is a bonding strap at the rear of the fuel tanks between the GRP tank and the aluminium shell(self sealing by the way - well, for small arms holes)

  4. I think cargo hook has been mentioned

  5. If you look at some of the RW photos, you might see and agree that the fusalage side panels are bulging a bit OTT. In certain lighting it even looks excessive. If you look at the RW photos, you can see the fuselage panels are flatter.

I would be willing to pay extra for a G3 turbocharged model and I am sure a multi-version package with a setup option tool would be very popular. This is nothing new, plenty of flightsim models come in multi-configuration packages. And it would be justifiable to charge for it either discounted to existing buyers or as a G3 standalone with options…

A couple of screenies:

I know… I am annoying. No apologies though - there is a desire for a lot more. Just take a look at the DL count and the requests on

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bumpity bump about the model shape

It seems that the larger, deeper bubble isn’t limited to G3s, though. Check out this video from Scott’s, the company that bought the Type Certificate for the Model 47:

There’s a helicopter with the larger, longer, wider bubble that’s clearly marked “47G-2A-1”.

I know that I would love for this cabin version, and with the ability to paint the bubble, as the Model 47 of my childhood from the Australian TV series Skippy the Bush Kangaroo had both floats and the larger bubble, along with a white cowling at the top of the bubble:


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Skippy! Ah yes, I remember the series well! Would you believe I saw some episodes in German - my dad was posted there as an Alouette pilot. Treason! And then he went and crashed his helicopter whilst on army excercises. Right in front of a Canadian mobile medical hospital - also on manouevers. I think one of the main comments my dad recited to me was the Canadians saying something like: “Hey, these Brits really do organise realistic manouevers!”

“Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the bush kangaroo. Skippy, Skippy, Skippy our friend ever true”

LOL, why can i remember that and not the name of someone i met yesterday? :slight_smile:

You want the German lyrics Paul?

“Skippy, Skippy, Skippy das Busch Kanguruh. Skippy, Skippy, keiner ist treuer wie Du.” - that last bit would translate as “none is more faithful than you”

If Skippy were a Big Red, he’d be disembowelling us all for that…


While we’re talking about ancient TV programs, did you have “Daktari” in Germany? The series with Clarence the cross-eyed lion?

They don’t make 'em like they used to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah! Oh yes indeed!

All the best from me and my iPad

Chris Brisland

I would. Skippy made it all over the world. I know of at least one fan of the show in Japan.