Governor on Autopilot VS Cyclic Trim

I have noticed that the cyclic can now be trimmed but as long as the autopilot is off.

And also now the governor can be assigned with the autopilot key, but if we do the latter, we lose the trim of the cyclical.

My question is: could turning the governor on or off be implemented in a rarely used function in the fs2020 so as not to have to turn it on on autopilot?

Another proposal: could the governor be assigned to an accelerator? (to put it on a HOTAS sliding shaft?)

Thanks. Greetings.

I’m experiencing a similar issue with the governor being assigned to the autopilot master – if I swing the B47 too much (e.g. in an attempt to stabilize the helicopter), then the autopilot will disengage, and so the governor will be turned off, which makes the balancing act even harder. I too second assigning the governor to something other than autopilot (even though it really is a kind of autopilot).


Ah, so it would appear that it is the code for the sim itself and not for individual aircraft that decides that the control inputs are significant enough to disengage the AP and as disengaging the AP, in the case of the B47, would disengage the governor instead, a different mapping would make more sense?

I’ll make sure that Dan sees this one.

Thanks for the good detective work @Wulkran and Raoul


Ha, i came here looking for a different mapping, but didnt even know it caused these issues. For me, i already have autopilot on a button on cyclic. i dont want to have a switch also mapped to it on the collective. Maye there’s a less commonly used mapping target? How about “Set Engine Master 1” ?

FlyInside Bell 47 - Updates ( has just been released.

Just restart the heli manager and download/apply the update.

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