Important Announcement

FlyInside is very excited to announce that the FlyInside Bell 47G-2A1 is coming to the MSFS Marketplace this Thursday 11/11! The Bell 47 will be available for PC only at this time.

The Marketplace version of the 47 shares the same stunning artwork, hyperrealistic flight model, and detailed systems as our website version. The biggest difference you’ll notice is the completely integrated Heli Manager.
Rather than running as a separate program, Heli Manager runs and appears as a floating window inside Microsoft Flight Simulator with the flip of a cockpit switch.
Of course, you’ll have access to all the same settings and tweaks from the version sold at our online shop.

We cannot wait for new pilots to take our Bell 47 into the MSFS2020 skies !!!

The FlyInside Team.


That’s great news! Will existing customers be able to install the new version to benefit from the built-in Heli manager?

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Right now there is no way to switch back and forth. The Integrated HeliManager is part of the MS copy protection.

For existing owners of the FlyInside Bell 47 who wish to switch to the MSFS Marketplace version, we are working with Microsoft to implement that. It is not currently possible at this time.

Both Versions have exactly the same functions but only differ in the actual implementation of HeliManager.


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Very good news! Great progress!

I indicated 3D flaws in the cockpit, art problems.

Developer hasn’t fixed the bugs, and it’s a very ugly sight … It’s been several months since the release …

Will these be fixed sometime? I know I’ve asked many times …

Will the Flyinside team work with the Microsoft team on helicopter development? Did Microsoft contact the Flyinside team?


Nice, love this helicopter, may just buy second copy from MS marketplace.

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so we get still the updates here?
and also the Version on Floats?

Cheers Ralf