Love it but a few things I notice

First off, Thank you! This addon is amazing. Pretty much everything I thought it would be and thensome.
That said I did notice a few “irregularities”
The first is the glass on the gauges. Flying in rain the gauges get water droplets too and I cannot quite read them.
The second is the external view (I cannot quite zoom far enough out). I concede that may be user error in some sense.

I hope you take my feedback well. This is a fantastic product and I look forward to more helicopters :wink:


Glad you’re enjoying it! We have a fix for the external view coming Monday. I’ll look into the gauge glass :+1:


how do i get the updates

Hi @Willdart and welcome aboard.

The Heli Manager should automatically apply updates, as and when they become available.

Is there anything else I might be able to help you with?

what time we get that sweet update :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Thank you very much

Sorry guys, it would appear that the Heli Manager will tell you that an update is ready and will open your browser for you at the download, but you will need to trigger it.

You should be able to try that out pretty soon, I’m guessing.:slight_smile: