More Thoughts on Markings on Bubble

Hi to the team. As you well know by now, I have been pestering you for the “yellow line” and other markings that a high percentage of RW Sioux have on the bubble - even standard “G” versions, not just Brit Army variants.

I did read the road map and am aware of your responses now. However, I have been giving the requirement a lot of though and looking at the model in Blender I see there is a full UV map for the perspex bubble that you don’t use in the model itself (DRM rules? Coding? Whatever…)

Now would it be possible to treat this like one of those transparent Asobo “decals” and wrap it onto that part of the gltf model that defines the bubble shape? The painter (me) could then create yellow lines, maple leaves, flags and text as an image and save it as DDS with alpha and being transparent it would only hide the env map on the painted bits. I even thing there was an Italian tax inspector version with a large yellow painted segment of the bottom of the dome labelleg “Guardia Finanza” or something like that.

Shouldn’t take long. As a clue, I suggested something similar to LIC to allow their Christen Eagle to have assymmetric liveries for the wings - they only used one “mirrored” texture and all they did was to duplicate the wing paint sheet, rename it, update the mapping coordinates on the mdl file and add the new map to the next model update. Timescale? I wrote the e-mail request and the solution came back less than an hour later. That was a GMax model back in 2004/5 and I am pretty sure things haven’t changed much since.

I know msfs accepts transparencies for decals - that’s how we hide bits we don’t want on our addon liveries (such as the manufacturer’s artwork) and you already have the UV wireframes mapped (see above).

Sorry for being such a pain, but I do think it is fairly important for authenticity’s sake even if we don’t yet have a G3 turbocharged version (Lycoming TVO 435) or the uprated TVO 540

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Is this how other planes do the fingerprints, smudges, and scratches on the windows?

…and the chinagraph notations on the perspex or the white perspex polish residue where our pilots wanted a su-shade over their heads…