Update 1.32 - the rule of 7 Ps

Sorry. I will leave the B47 alone for now - and probably for a long while to come. If you look at my past comments, the following issues have not been addressed ore even answered here in the forum:

  1. there is still no second control cable or lower input bracket to the elevater.
  2. you have not colourised the pulley blocks (airframe colour) and pulleys (brown bakelite)
  3. still have matt black cables disappearing into the tailboom tubular structure at around the 4th driveshaft bearing.
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anti coll beacon mount plate is black (looks like default model colour on the gltf, not a mapped colour on a texture sheet)

Those are just the first glance open issues. I am not even going back to see which of the other issues you haven’t addressed from this forum. Not just mine.

I am sadly very disappointed. The B47 has dropped right off my list of frequent flyers. I can only say you have tried hard, very hard. but the results aren’t up to expectations.

Oh. The rule of 7 Ps?

Pi$$ Poor Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Proper Performance.

Oh. that’s 8 Ps… I rest my case.

Schade, dass du bei diesem großartigen Heli ständig etwas zum Jammern hast; er fliegt sich fantastisch!!!

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Stefan - Steve - you make a valid point that I have made so many comments that some people may be upset by them; especially the Flyinside team. The B47 has never been in my complaints for its flyability though. And please do not misconstrue my criticism as “mere” moaning for the sake of it. All my critiques have been made based on my personal close knowledge of this lovely helicopter, from being inside one flown through Blue Eagles display routines to dozens of hours of post maintenance flight testing.

But I do concede that my last statement may hve been a bit much. To that end I make this

                ***PUBLIC APOLOGY***

“To anyone who may have been offended by my somewhat outspoken comments in this forum I unreservedly apologise for those comments. It has always been my sole interest to help improve the quality of this great little helicopter.”


Here’s another perspective – I almost never look at the outside of an aircraft that I’m flying – I’m in the cockpit. In other words, not a single thing the OP mentioned is anything I give a whit about. I’m there to fly, not count rivets. I would much prefer that that attention be put on cockpit accuracy and the flight model (as needed).


But inspecting the outside of the aircraft before flying is mandatory procedure :wink:

No worries Eagle. I know where you’re coming from, given all the time you’ve spent with the heli. We have a list a mile long of fixes we’re working on, and the cables/pulley blocks haven’t been top-of-list. That said they will be addressed. Hope you’ll stick around still!

I will be away a while longer sadly. SU5 was such a catastrophe for me that I went for a full reinstall of the sim and managed to bu66er that up as well resulting in a new install of windows 10 pro plus all the other software. I have got the sim working again, no thanks to microsoft/asobo’s work and with the patches, I am surprised to say it’s even looking quite good now. I still won’t need to turn on the central heating in this room come winter - the more complex the textures are (i.e. image quantity and size) the hotter the graphics card runs. Even with default aircraft the sim is now working the hardware a lot more it seems.

Ah… so there’s a thought for you when you get round to re-sorting your texture data: try to reduce and downsize as much as is sensibleany smaller texture squares below 1024 pixels could be placed on one sheet 2048 and the larger graphics that hardly have any details (like the tubular structure) could be mapped to a single 2048 instead of 4096 leaving only the larger skin panels, oil tanks, gearboxes etc to mapped as 4096 or larger if absolutely necessary.

All that will help lighten the GPU workload.

“I’ll be back.”

Funny you mention that, we’ve been writing a system that lets us automatically combine and resize multiple materials+textures into a single texture, for exactly that purpose!

And ouch the sim install, that’s rough!

Well, basically my own fault. Never work on your PC when you are angry. Chalk that one up to the rule of 7 (or 8) Ps.

Trying to smart alecky things rarely works out well.