What about the trim?

has this model a trim command?

No trim in this old girl :slight_smile:

I would say that on my Puma system the cyclic is a long way forward compared to normal. If possible I would like to have moved the C.G.

The seat too far back in the 47 you mean??

wow like old cars without power steering… :grinning: anyway flying in FS2020 cities with a helicopter and VR is amazing, it was time for a helicopter!

I get the “realism” and all with no trim on the real thing, but 99.99% of us have a spring-loaded joystick we’re flying with here. Need some pitch trim!!

I just added a 20cm extension to my Warthog and the difference was night and day, with the effect of the springs being reduced dramatically. It made it so much easier to control the helicopter, particularly when in the highest realism settings.

I understand you can also replace your springs with weaker ones, but that sounds a little more dramatic, depending upon the make and model of your joystick.

There are quite a few sim helicopters that have a working trim, even though they might not have it in real life, I think it’s a fair point for normal joystick users, so you can set that middle balance point. I’ve taken the big spring out of my Warthog and it helped a lot for helicopters, but that centring spring on a normal joystick does work against you somewhat. The devs have added a governor, which the real one doesn’t have (but is a really welcome addition to me) so trim might make it in at some point in the future if people request it.


My X55 has a spring, I use the softest one, and at first it was hard, but I have gotten the hang of it now I think. Really need to give this thing a few days, took me 2 days, I had almost given up, but today I fly like I was born in this thing! People should state how much they have been flying when commenting. I have been flying maybe 3 hours so far, not a lot but the 90 minutes today was WAAAY different to yesterday!

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I’ve spent plenty of time flying many sim helicopters, but I found the 47 a bit sensitive on my first try, like you I got used to it, got my settings dialled in and it just feels like I’m wearing it rather than flying it now. It really does feel nice to fly.

I can pretty much put it down where I want now and softly, my main issue now is my chair is on wheels, so sometimes that messes it up for me. I just picked a spot now and put her down. :smiley:

I had that issue and was so annoyed, can i recommend something? Try these = https://www.amazon.co.uk/VORCOOL-Castors-Replacement-Furniture-Gliders/dp/B07G744VKR/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=no+wheels+for+gaming+chairs&qid=1619955374&sr=8-6

Saved my flying :slight_smile:


ooh awesome, been looking for such things but had no luck, I might get those when I can! :smiley: ty!

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You are welcome my man :slight_smile:

I just made a post in Feature Requests before I found this thread. We need to at least have push-button trim work like in every other MSFS aircraft.

As the team have striven for as much realism as they possibly can and as the real helicopter does not have such a trim switch, I’d expect this to be a request that they are unlikely to implement.

EDIT: I stand corrected on your above request. :wink:

However, if you have a joystick that has strong centring springs, then you could consider a couple of ways of making the helicopter more comfortable to fly.

Firstly, some joysticks allow for the strength of the springs by replacing them for weaker ones and some joysticks might even allow this to be adjusted.

Secondly, you might be able to do as i did, if you joystick allows, and fit an extension. The additional length of the stick both reduces the impact of the springs and also makes it appear more like the real cyclic.

For an example of a realistic extension, i know that one of the team uses this:-
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/835112023511662595/835841405212950538/20210425_123419.jpg for his TM Warthog stick.

I removed the big spring from my Warthog and it was a massive improvement for helicopters. Plenty info on YouTube, it doesn’t take long. I find that the neutral centre position fits well with the centre of my stick though, I can see it might be irritating if you have to lean it forward a lot.

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I have the same, love it

This could end up being the best £11 I ever spent :+1:

where it can be found?