Your friendly neighbourhood PITA again

It is obvious that you still haven’t addressed the texture cleanup yet. Also, there are new problems introduced by the 1.30 update.

I have some images going up on IMGUR, but let’s try a simple text list first. In no order of preference or precedence then:

  • The elevator has only one control wire.
  • The elevater control pulleys - again only one at the fwd end of tail boom.
  • Cable tensioners would have been a nice touch.
  • The elevator has been mapped separately now, so no cam paint possible? (the respective UV doesn’t give clues).
  • The centre console has been remapped - was this necessary? Even the default paints have white centre console boxes with wrong instrument bezels in places.
  • Tailboom tubular “repairs” don’t merge/blend into existing 3D model.
  • There is artefacting on the door windows, the centre upright is light blue.
  • (Legacy) The seatbelt lap buckles have green colour patches - not metallic/brushed aluminium
  • (Legacy) The exhausts still two different mappings/texturings

This was just a selection of texturing niggles, you know most of my others anyway. I hope these picks help your re-texturing efforts. Or you can just leave them as is and let us painters “get on with things”. If there are painters who want to know more details, perhaps I can point you at the right textures (once I have added the new knowledge.

I am planning on a set of dirty external maps once I know where your road map is taking the paints and I also have a few “chip” brushes prepped to wear internal bits that get kicked.

Thanks for reading. If any of you other painters would care to add commentary, I am sure we could combine our efforts.

Well, I am still here and I loaded the latest update in the hope that you had the textures managed.


I am back to update 1.25 for my own fun. I still love the flight model and the memories but I will stay with the 1.25 until you get the textures fixed and finalised. Yes, yes, I am your (least) favourite haemorrhoid, but you do have a sad tendency to take a step backward every update. I also know that some people think I am whingeing too much - sorry guys - I do like the heli lots, there’s just too many unnecessary inconsistencies. Still.

However - I have had no problems installing and using the Bell after the clean reinstall I just went through with Windows and msfs, so that’s good anyway.

And I appreciate that you folk at Flyinside have day jobs, so I’’ continue to be patient.