47 Collective and throttle info for home build

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows the total rotational degrees of the throttle from closed to full open?
Also does anyone have details of the correlator for the 47 (gear reduction and approx what point its active from?)
I’m wanting to build a separate 47 collective as my 206 one has very short movement of the throttle, obviously no correlator and angle is much lower than a 47s.
I can’t quite recall the numbers but I think the 47 collective goes from 37.5 degrees full down to 84.5 degrees full up and its rotational axis is forward and above the seat base If someone could correct those numbers that would be great!
My only experience flying with a correlated throttle was with hughes 300cs’. I remember the correlator generally advanced the throttle a little more than required so you had to wind off throttle a little when increasing collective. I know thats probably just melted some brains, so sorry, forget I mentioned it!
Does anyone know if the gearing in the 47 correlator functions in a similar way?


I’ve flown 6 different 47s and the throttle was different on all of them.
I never noticed how much exactly you needed to twist the throttle, but something like 45 degrees from 0 to ground idle and then another 20 degrees or so in the usable range?.
The correlator would also vary.