47G throttle/rotor pitch interplay. Realistic?

I just bought this yesterday and have been flying it around Chicago today. Great fun. It’s a totally different bird with the governor switched off. How accurate is the engine management in this mode? It’s very difficult to get off the ground while keeping engine/rotor speed in the green and manifold pressure under the red line. Also, once you lose some RPM it’s very difficult to get it back. Is this how it is in a real 47G? It’s a much more active dance with the cyclic that the DCS Huey. Is this modeled accurately? I can hold a hover indefinitely with the Huey but have a hard time with the 47G. I will remove the spring from my pedals and probably extend my stick a little more to gain tighter control over them if this is the way it’s supposed to fly.
Thanks for any input.

For me, it was definitely easier with a joystick extension, as the effect of my TM WH stick’s self-centring springs were just about nullified.

I also removed the spring from my Crosswind rudder pedals, to make it easier to maintain coordinated flight, without having to fight the pedals.

I did the spring mod on my TM:WH stick and made a 100mm extension for flying the Warthog in DCS. How long is your extension?
I have the Saitek combat pedals. I replaced all the “slidey” parts with bearing. Totally fixed the sticksation issues it had and lightened the spring action. There are 2 return springs. I think I’ll start by removing one of them.

I left my WH springs in place and have a 20cm joystick extension. I’ve had to lower the central mounting pole, on my Wheelstand Pro, to its lowest setting and it puts the stick just about where it should be.