5 guys that can´t make it work

Dear Flyinside team.

This morning we have try , i and 4 friends on our discord to setup properly the “Bell 47G2-A1” like you recommend in the “manager”.

We are all use to fly on DCS and X-PLane with helicopters, so we like to get close to the realism, so we decide to focus on your “realistic” variant available with the manager.

We can fly it, but we don´t get to maintain stable the heli. It´s always balancing left to right or forward, backward.

Is there something that we are missing? Or is it normal at the moment to expect that kind of “handling”, and improvements will coming soon in futur update.


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If you are in the most realistic mode and trying to control it with a normal joystick, with fairly strong springs, you will probably find it very challenging to fly.

My first attempts involved an awful lot of what you described and then i remembered i had a 20cm extension for my Warthog stick. Putting that on made a massive difference, so maybe try that. Maybe one of you has an extension already that they’re not using at the moment?

I understand that you can also replace your springs with weaker ones, if your stick allows.

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So we aren’t planning any updates around sensitivity. It’s modeled as intended, you should watch Rick fly it on stream :slight_smile: It takes a very gentle touch, and a slight bit of anticipation to avoid pendulum.

I would recommend adding just a touch (5-15%) of stability, and maybe tune down cyclic sensitivity 10% depending upon the type of hardware you’re using. According to a few experienced pilots we’ve put this through it’s realistic, just even X-Plane helis can downplay the sensitivity a bit.


Thank you for your feedbacks.

@flyinside_dan , i will try that regarding the sensitivity and the stability :wink:

Thank you for your suggestions

Now she fly like a bird :wink:

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I have the same problem, and I am a real helicopter pilot with 4000 flight hours


I had the same problem, until I decreased the sensitivity of the X and Y axis in the MSFS sensitivity-menu by -30% (for my Logitech WingMan Joystick). Made it much more flyable.


It took me a while to reach the ideal for my case, but now I am very satisfied. As Phil0671 said: “Flying like a bird!”

Using a Thrustmaster Hotas 4


Hi Ricardo and welcome aboard.

It is really good to hear that you are enjoying the Bell 47G.



Acceptable flying with the following settings:
VKB Gladiator NXT

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