A couple minor bugs

Really enjoying the heli so far, great work! Here are a couple small bugs I have come across, still present in the latest update from today.

The mixture sets its self to 50% when exiting the ESC/Pause menu. Using an x56 rotary knob for my mixture axis. I do not use auto mixture. When in flight if I hit ESC on my keyboard and bring up the pause/option menu, when I return to flight the mixture sets its self to 50% until I wiggle my mixture axis. edit: thanks @HawkMoth this one seems to be that MSFS bug mentioned below. it is a minor QOL thing to remember to wiggle my axis when exiting the menu, hopefully Asobo gets around to fixing that.

The Gov RPM setpoint will exceed beyond the red line of normal range for rotor RPM when the mixture is leaned to peak power/manifold pressure. The Gov seems to really want to kill the engine in this config staying wide open in excess to hold that overly high NR. I currently would not recommend enabling engine failures if also using the gov. Have had great success with manual throttle control however.

Building on that, starting a flight in the air/at a POI it is very sketchy. The heli often rockets away and hits retreating blade stall the instant the flight starts and rolls over and falls to the ground. The longer I sit in the pre-flight screen the worse/faster it goes. If I’m lucky and quick to start the flight I can manage to maintain control, the engine/gov will often over stresses and fail while it is spooling up, especially when the mixture is in the above mentioned config/high NR. I can save the engine if I immediately enter an autorotation while the engine and rotor spool up, and if all of that goes right I can then start my flight.

I would love to be able to toggle the gov on and off through a joystick binding. Otherwise really enjoying this wonderful addon, it makes me work for it, but as a result it is a delight and very rewarding to fly.


Hi @c210t and welcome aboard.

What you have described sounds very much like the general issue that most users of MSFS have been experiencing since the latest MSFS update and has been discussed at length in the following thread:-

Throttle/Flaps/Mixture/Speedbrake/etc axis at 50% when exiting menu WU IV ( - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Maybe try unmapping the mixture lever, until the MSFS bug is fixed, and use the mouse to move it. It’s not ideal I know, but at least it will prevent the virtual lever from moving itself after an ESC/resume cycle.

For the collective, when you resume from the Esc menu, just make sure you move it as quickly as you can after resuming. You won’t have to move it too much, as even the slightest movement will cause it to synchronise the in-cockpit collective to the physical throttle axis.

Is it possible to dim the radio backlight somehow? I find it too bright and distracting at night. So far I have been turning it off, but would love to be able to dim its backlight.

I’m not sure the best place to ask questions/make suggestions about the heli so will continue with this thread to keep my ramblings all in once place. So far I have logged about a dozen hours in it over the weekend. Flying low and slow over photogrammetric cities is a treat! Tonight I have been able to get a few more in and logged my first 2 night hours with the 47. While this and my above post may come off a bit critical, I am in love with this heli, its a great experience to fly. I want to emphasize my gratitude and say thanks again to all the devs for all the hard and great work that has been put into this heli, it is a treat.


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I’ll ask Dan if anything can be done :slight_smile:


Thanks for the updates and comprehensive road map. I didn’t see this listed and wasn’t sure if was known, a bug or a feature. With the gov engaged it targets too high of an RPM when the fuel mixture is leaned to peak performance, see screen shot attached.

Thanks for the fun heli,

Thanks c210 - We need to cleanup how those gauges respond with the governor on. In real-life you wouldn’t have a governor, so as you adjusted mixture/carb heat/magneto you’d see an RPM decay/rise if you didn’t adjust.

The governor, normally would cover this up (open or close throttle to maintain constant RPM), and it would look like the levers almost didn’t do anything. We’ll think on how to address this better.

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