A good set of pedals can make a lot of difference

Was getting frustrated with my old, “cheap” pedals for all my sim’ng (the pots in them are on their way out and getting pretty twitchy).
I bit the bullet and upgraded to MFG Crosswind Pedals. Little did I know that the spring on them is designed to easily be unhooked so that they can as torque pedals for helicopters (i.e. no re-center automatically). On top of the fact that they are super smooth and precise. They ain’t cheap, but my landing are so much better now.


I’ve been struggling with my old Saitek pedals for a while. But as I spent a lot of money recently for sofa avaiation recently, so I guess I must have a break now. I already bought replacement parts for my warthog HOTAS from MFG. Very good quality!

You can also make things better by replacing the grease in your pedals. I have the Thrustmaster t.16000m HOTAS and t.flight rudder pedals. It was pretty hard to control because the movement wasn’t smooth. It took a larger amount of force to get the pedals to move than it did to move them once they were moving. The result was that the initial movement was always too much so you ended up kinda in a tank slapper with the pedals. Correcting and then slightly less correcting and so forth.

I bought Nyogel 767A dampening lubricant (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0871LVY64). I just carefully took it apart, wiped off the stock lubricant, put on about smooth and thin coating of the new lube on any surface that moved against another, then closed it all back up. It made things smooth and gave me some resistance. Its easy to make small corrections now and flying has been smoother.

Keep in mind that 25g is enough to do probably 30 complete sets of controllers. It doesn’t take much at all. If you can get a smaller tube, get that.

In my case, they moved smoothly enough. The pots were just noisy. They would jitter and spike. Usable, but, hard to be precise.

Try spraying some electrical parts cleaner onto them. With the device unplugged of course.

open up the saitek and remove the big spring and also the little centering detent. world of difference!

It works very fine with the Trustmaster Pendular Rudder pedals. Better than Z axis a X52 Pro stick!

I have no idea. But what i do know… oh boy… what a difference, i thought i could control her. And i could, using the Thrustmaster 16000 & throttle. Using the flippy things on the throttle as rudder. You guys should see me fly between the buildings in New york. The control, the tight corners, pushing the engine to the limit. Haha, loving it too much. Makes me feel like Airwolf and in VR it’s … I should feel guilty, having too much fun :wink: Anyway…

Received my first pedals today… what a trip… needed an hour or two, to… get somewhat control, but i couldn’t even lift off anymore… (I like to hover and taxi the whole way, pretend i’m an airplane) My brain totally glitches out, feet is still associated with braking and throttling because of cars. I didn’t expect haha, left right is also a thing, my instinct was to reverse it, but i want to keep it as close as the real deal as possible. So i push my right foot forward… it turns right, right?

Anyway loving it! And yes you are right, quality whatever is always an improvement. Experiencing a huge improvement myself now. From: Look momma, no feet. To: Look momma, feet! :wink:

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Hi all
new to the forum, from Switzerland.
Great stuff going on here.
I’m using and can highly recommend the pro-flight controls - work great and very realistic!

check it out here

I would happily sell my children for the puma!!!

Lol Tony

I can recommend cheap racing pedals if you are on a budget. They have the big benefit of being dual axis so the motion is much simpler and you don´t need to do any bicycling! There is also no need for differential brakes in helicopters :slight_smile:
That said I got the Thrustmaster TRP mostly for the simulation factor. Best attempt at rudder pedals I tried. Used CH and Saitek before I gave up and just used racing pedals for better control.

Anyway I do like them the diff brakes is useful when not doing helicopters and I am to lazy to switch. They do have very long travel which is a bonus which do make up for the bicycle factor somewhat.