Advice on controllers

Hi. I’m a beginner helicopter pilot on MSFS and this looks ideal.

I wasn’t quite sure about controls. I have a vanilla T16000M for aircraft, with the usual two axes, a thumb throttle and twist rudder. From reading the manual I can fly it with this, but I’m a little concerned about the rudder. This is to counteract the torque from the rotation of the blades, so does it have to be applied continuously to stop the helicopter spinning round. It has a spring in it and I wasn’t sure if this was practical for flying, might be a bit hard on the wrist.

Does anyone have experience of flying this way, or would I be better off splashing out on a second control or splashing out on rudder pedals ?

Hi mate and welcome :slight_smile: I would say go for rudder pedals to get the “experience” but you can use a twist rudder and this would be fine on easy mode, its only when you start moving up in difficulty levels thats your wrist will start hurting as pedal input is required, hope that helps ?