Antitorque pedals not working on Xbox Series X

Just downloaded and try to fly it but the pedals dont work!

flying in the default gamepad for helicopters on xbox

Also, when i check into the assistance tab it is stuck on the “VOLOCOPTER” tap

any help would be appreciate it

Use the RUDDER Pedal binding as per the instruction manual NOT HELI binding.


Sorry, Its simply not working for me! I reeally wanted to give it a try but if is to much of a hassle im uninstaling.

For Sure i am not the onlyone with problems on Xbox Series X

I’ll stick to Cowansim and their offerings.

We’ve got some instructions here for you on how to setup the Xbox controller for use with our helicopter. Unfortunately the binding doesn’t work out of the box, due to our custom flight model.

If you have time, please try the following: