Any group flying online?

This is probably not the right place to ask, but is there a specific airport where Bell pilots can meet and fly together, and maybe use Discord to exchange views and maybe try to solve each other problems and doubts? It would probably help those who are trying helicopters for the first time and could be more fun than flying alone. I use to go to Barton (EGCB) and also fly in Norway (vertigo experiences) and Pacific Northwest but would like to find some more Bell flyers. I am based - IRL - in West Europe.

BTW, I am having a lot of fun with the Bell, it feels a lot like the Huey in DCS. This made MSFS much more fun!

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Hi @flylow and welcome aboard.

We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the Bell 47G and there is a Discord channel for group flights, including ones that the chap who is responsible for the flight model streams on Twitch. should get you there and I’m sure you’ll find someone to fly with, either there or on this forum.


Thanks. I will try to check Discord, but I am afraid the Bell’s cockpit is as far as I go. Discord has got too many lights and buttons to push… Thanks, anyway.

Jose Antunes
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Hi, flylow!
I looked for you but never found you in Barton.
I am also enthusiastic about the BELL 47 (lemon-yellow) and always fly in Innbruck (LOWI).
Maybe i see you someday?

Hi Steve12
Thanks for your reply. I always return to Barton for some training, but maybe we are there at different hours. Recently I’ve been exploring parts of Norway and also trying to land the Bell on the top of the lighthouses Around the Isles of Scilly, which is a lot of fun…

My flying hours depend on the days. Sometimes I will fly during the afternoon but mostly I fly from 00.00 Zulu onwards. During weekends I sometimes fly during part of the afternoon, and that’s when I was hoping to find some group flying, like those events with aircraft… but only for those flying the Bell. It would be fun to have someone organize events where people could share experiences.

I will try to check LOWI. Maybe I will find you there.

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Hi, flylow!

Do you have an add-on for the “Isles of Scilly”, like I from ORBX for the “Innsbruck Airport” (it’s really worth the money!)?
I started in St. Mary’s but couldn’t find any lighthouses.

I usually only buy airports - if I do - in regions where I fly regularly, and as I do not fly in LOWI, it’s not part of my list. Still, I don’t buy many airports, because I am mostly interested in aircraft. In MSFS I don’t feel the need to buy airports, although some have tempted me.

As for Isles of Scilly I’ve the airports and sceneries from superspud for EGHE, EGHC and EGHT, that make a nice area to fly. I also have the Penzance Airport, EGHK, which is a good starting point for both going to St.Mary and explore the coast of Cornwall.

The lighthouses are all from author AlroCreation, who has published three, all within the same area, which are great to explore… and try to land on two of them. The third is easy, but it really deserves multiple visits: its Fastnet Rock, a small island in the south of Ireland. Superspud had the Bishop’s lighthouse in his scenery but he removed it because the one from AlroCreation is so much better.

Besides this I’ve other sceneries from superspud, like EGJJ (were I used to fly in RL with a friend who was taking is pilot’s license) and the Channel Islands, a great area to fly, and then I’ve Shetland, EGNS in the Isle of Man.

I checked LOWI yesterday, and flew around the mountain for a while, it was fun and it’s challenging. But I tend to go back to the places I know better, from Norway to the Pacific Northwest. And because MSFS offers the whole world right out of the box, I’ve been jumping to different places I flew in Iceland yesterday, too, a short hop with the Turbo Arrow from Just Flight. But places like the Isles of Scilly are great to fly around with an helicopter and I find myself flying the Bell most of the time since it was released.