Any plans for msfs native mode?

Do you plan to update this model to use the native msfs flight model so that you don’t have to use the Flyinside Manager? I am finding that the FLyinside Manager is conflicting with other simconnect programs and it is not really necessary. I also find that the performance of the 206 is not as good as the 407 for example, It is a bit stuttery,

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What conflicts are you getting with other programs? It’s the first report we’ve gotten after a lot of feedback.

We’re very unlikely to switch to the MSFS flight model. We wouldn’t be able to replicate how nicely this 206 flies in the MSFS flight model (there’s a reason it feels so different from the Cabri and 407). That said, once we launch on Marketplace, there HeliManager will be internal rather than external.

That said, in the meantime, we’d like to figure out what’s going on with your SimConnect

I am using a simconnect client for FSEconomy. If I try to connect to FSEconomy using the client after I have started the Helimanager it won’t connect.

Thank you we’ll check that out!

I think I also have this sort of problem using OnAir. The soft (OnAir) can’t “see” engine starts and shutdown…


agreed get same problem in SimShaker doesn’t detect engine