Are these twins?

I was flying around and landed at an airport with two 206s with the same livery as mine. I found out that they simultaneously turn on and off their engine with me. They were not multiplayer but only duplicated. Is it an MSFS issue?

Dark Angel,
I had that same problem with MSFS’s AI traffic. It’s somehow tied to the ground static aircraft routine. I used to get multiple Bell 47’s in my livery when I was flying it and then, after exiting…a few days later, I would fly a different aircraft and still have my phantoms hanging around. VERY weird. i just messed with the ground and AI traffic sliders and switches until they were gone. It’s definitely an MSFS bug, but I have no idea in which subsystem. If you figure it our before us, please let me know!


Thanks Rick. It has to be an MSFS issue. I just tried Cowans 206 and I got the same result. I sure will let you know if I find the problem. Thanks for the quick reply. :+1: