ATC Call Sign, ID and Type

Can you please fix ATC Call sign, ID and Type?
Some of the liveries have ID’s on there fuselage, but all use the call sign N11102.
I tried to fix this by myself in the aircraft.cfg file, but it should be up to the developer to make this right.
I made it right for the ones which have hard callsigns.
Sorry can’t upload it here and post it as text is also above the allowed limit.
Here only the GERNERAL part which gives correct Manufacture and type.

atc_type ="$$:BELL"
atc_model ="$$:B206"
Category = "Airplane"
performance =""
editable = 1
wip_indicator = 0
icao_type_designator ="B206"
icao_manufacturer ="BELL"
icao_model ="206"
icao_engine_type ="Turboprop/Turboshaft"
icao_engine_count =1
icao_WTC ="L"

If needed I can send the file to the developers.

They are aware already. I’ve found they have been very quick at addressing problems.

Shouldn’t Category be “Helicopter”?

If I change this to Helicopter MSFS crashed.
I guess it only could be helicopter if the MSFS model where used.
If you wish you can make the atc_type ="$$:Bell Helicopter" than ATC will call this.
The $$: is the adding which brings ATC to do the magic.

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@support1 can I send you the aircraft.cfg file with the changes, so you could add the too the next update?
I’m tired to do this every time you made an update.
I also have made the changes for the B47 so they will appear as rotorcraft and use correct call signs.