Avionics shutting off

Hello, I just got the 206 installed and managed to do a brief flight. Great addon but I seem to have some issues with the avionics. In my first flight after a couple minutes my GPS went black, yet all the other radios stayed alive. I assumed this might be due to the WT 530 addon, so I removed that and did another flight. This time the GPS never came on and after a couple minutes all of my radios died. Actually everything with a digital readout died. I check to make sure there were no breakers popped. So first off, is this compatible with the WT 430/530 package? And also what switches and buttons do we need to check for the avionics? Thanks!


+1. I have this as well.

I too have the same problem with the GPS turning off (and the avionics too). Can’t turn it back on

WT430 is the intended GPS so you’ll want to have that installed. We’re working on this issue, it seems to be related to Cold & Dark starts. Not every user will experience this issue with C&D starts, but if you’re getting it, it will go away if you start running on a runway instead. You can even start on a runway, shut the helicopter off, start it back up, and fly, and the GPS will stay alive.

The team will post an update as soon as they have a fix.

Something I noticed in testing, is with the help fully started from CD, the gos will stay on forever UNTIL I take off. Then it dies. Hope this helps.

Thank you, that could definitely be a useful piece of the puzzle.

The team just got an experimental patch together for this issue. Could those experiencing it try it out?


Download, extract, and then paste PerFrameCode.txt into flyinside-b206/Data/FFS. It should replace an existing file. Restart sim, and see if this bug goes away.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Installed the patch. Just did a 30 minute flight from cold and dark and the avionics stayed powered up the entire time.



Seems to be working for me! With regard to my issue of the HSI and Heading Indicator not moving, on this flight when I took off I noticed the HSI was working but the Heading Ind. was stuck but then at some point it started moving and then needed to be adjusted, so overall this seems like a successful patch!

A little more info regarding the Heading indicator. It seems to be “stuck” in that it won’t change in slow turns, and I need to take off and hook a pretty tight turn and then it seems to release and begin working properly after being adjusted.

Just a heads up, v1.91 overwrote the patch and the avionics went out again. I had to reinstall the patch file and things are back to normal.

We’ll have a v1.92 out later today that includes this patch (plus some other fixes).

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Could those of you with avionics or gyro issues give this build a shot and report back?


No issues with either the avionics staying powered on or with the DG. And even though I didn’t see mention of it being fixed anywhere, the OAT is now reading correctly as well.


My DG issues have disappeared with this latest version, and as other’s have mentioned the OAT looks to be reading correctly. The only thing that still seems off is the altitude adjustment.

Worked fine for me . Avionics stayed on. Hdg works. Performance still an issue (maybe worse?).

Please tell me, is ADF implemented in the model? When flying, I often use NDB beacons, so this moment is important for me.
Thank you!

Sorry Pavel we don’t currently have an ADF in the cockpit. That said, you can use the 430W to navigate to them.

Thanks for the answer!

Where am I copying this patch to? Can someone give me the FULL path? I can’t find flyinside-b206/Data/FFS?