Awesome work, thank you!

We’ve been graced with some great helicopter simulations over the years. From Dodosim’s 206 to DCS Huey and Mi8, XP 11 Dreamfoil and Cowan (not to mention your work in Flyinside sim and the recent Rotorway). This ranks up there with all of them. Added into the world of MSFS, it’s simply sublime.

I want to thank everyone of you involved for this effort! I cannot wait to see what you do next.


Thank you for the kind words! Very glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the praise, and i haven’t forgot your request to help…next one ? :wink:


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Happy to help anytime!

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I am going to shout about this. Four hours really hard work for me. Then the sheer bliss of easy mode for a zoom around in VR. Brain and arms have had a serious workout.!

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I promise, it gets easier. Think small, almost changes in pressure versus moving the cyclic. Then force yourself to ease your grip, even just using a couple of fingers. If your hands hurt, you’re working too hard.

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…and, if you can, get an extension if you are using a joystick.

I’ve put a 20cm extension on my Warthog and it makes life so much easier.

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First off want to say, it takes something special to get me to post in the forums. I’m just like that, if it’s a add-on that’s standard or mediocre, whatever you know.

With that said… This is truly a awesome helicopter!! :smile: I would like to share my thoughts with strictly my opinion. I’ll try to be brief.

What you guys have created outside the msfs engine is a true feat, like others have said. This is great because it shows devs can work with and around the SDK ? I’m assuming. This means other devs like lets say A2A etc, might have hopes to see their aircraft with their custom engine in msfs.

Little imperfections like textures, or the way eng temps etc. work in msfs can be overlooked for now. I say that in hopes, that you folks will continue to update this gem over time.

I myself love aircraft that are study level and have to look after. I like taking “care” of my aircraft. Bonds me with the add-on and develop a personal relationship with the aircraft. Nerdy, perhaps… that’s me lol. Maybe in the future for Flyinside?

Also people that may be on the fence about purchase, don’t be. If you truly enjoy rotor-craft and enjoy msfs 2020, this is a must buy.

The controls can be a little sensitive at first. I fly in VR so latency can creep up in the controls. However, this is not a problem because after a little while getting used to it, subconsciously I change my reaction times and inputs and then she fly’s like a champ!

In closing, the sounds, the animations, the model (textures and flight) are on point.

I’ve never heard of Flyinside until recently, you folks are on my radar. Can’t wait to see future updates and projects from you guys. Hopefully, well received from the community.


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You should check out their flight sim. They were doing the whole worldwide photo scenery and footprint technology for buildings before Asobo announced it in MSFS. There are several helicopters and planes from Milviz in the sim along with Flyinside’s own recent Rotorway.

The autogen isn’t as polished as MSFS. The trees, especially. The buildings are rather generic, but the footprint tech places them precisely where they should be. I don’t think of it as a replacement for any of the sims out there, but they certainly have my support and was happy to show that with my purchase early on.