Axis for 'CARB HEAT' lever?

hello… (sorry my english)

I have tried assign controls in the msfs to the Bell 47…

but there are some that I dont know or find…

for example:
what Axis fof ‘Carb Heat’ lever in Control Options inside msfs??


ps… I love this Bell 47… great job, flyinside!


My rig:

  • Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight.
  • Logitech multiswitch control panel.
  • Thurstmaster rudders (cheaper version).
  • Winwing Orion 2 base + Joystick F16.
  • Dragonfly Collective DF B206 with twist throttle & 3 switches.

Hi Dani,

MY understanding is that you can’t currently assign an axis to carb heat as MSFS currently only supports carb heat as a Boolean value (1 or 0, either ON or OFF). This has been requested several times to MS/asobo, so hopefully they’ll sort this out soon. I think because of this limitation the Flyinside 47 shouldn’t be affected by carb ice until a better solution is implemented by microsoft. I’ve flown in visible moisture that should have put me at risk with no consequences. I had asked before if there was a way to inject a variable in a similar way as the flight dynamics are inserted into the game. I’m no programmer so it’s obviously a tougher job than I thought.
Like you I’m hopefully awaiting this.

If everything I’ve just spouted is garbage or I’ve misinterpreted the current status of this issue I hope someone in the community or Flyinside can correct me.



oh… what a pity.
well, in any case it seems that that lever is not used much.
it’s one of the controls that I can’t map, along with the some little switch.
but well… it’s ok… I’ll settle for this.