B-47 works great, can't get B206 to map to controlls

I’ve owned the B47g for some time and have it working great. ( Actually, not a bad trainer for the real thing that I’m learning to fly). I can’t seem, however, to get the B206 to map with my controls. As soon as I move the collective slightly, it moves to “full up” and spins out of control. Cyclic and pedals don’t seem to work either. As before, all work perfectly with B47g. I do use MSFS steam edition if that matters. Thanks for any thoughts.

Sounds like you have double bound joystick axis. You can use the same ones you used for the 47 if you like.


Not sure what I did, but problem has resolved. Only issue now is I can’t start b206 without “hot start”. Each click of the throttle increases 10% until it’s too high and I get hot start warning.

Glad to hear the controls are working! For hot starts, you are likely opening the throttle too slowly. The important thing is timing. When N1 hits 15%, you can crank the throttle right open to 30-40%. If you try to open it really slowly and gently, you’ll miss the timing on light-off, hence the hot start.