B206, liveries. How do create them?

Hi there. Is there a tutorial about how to paint liveries for the 206? I’d love to make one myself.

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We dont have a paint kit at rhis time but if you reply to liveries@flyinside-fsx.com with source pictures then we can make you one up.


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Looking forward to a paint kit. Not that I know how to make Liveries but I’m sure there are tons that will jump all over this. Noticed Flightsim.to only has one livery for the Flyinside model but it filling up with liveries for “the other 206” but I much prefer the Flyinside version.

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Agreed. There’s like only two or three liveries on Flightsim.to - everyone seem to be making for Cowan sim version only.

If I could open this bird in Blender, I would make a lot of them. :slightly_frowning_face:


Tried this using msfs2blend, but the model seems to get corrupted along the way. Wondering if this is why its taking so long to get a paint kit, maybe the devs are having the same issue.

Any chance of a paint kit?? a blender friendly one would be great or failing that, a paintshop native with layers???