B206 small issues

After a few flights I seem to be encountering the following issues when starting C&D.
-GPS unit shuts off after a few minutes and can’t be turned back on
-Heading indicator and HSI will not move from starting heading

One final issue which is present with C&D and engines running start is the OAT gauge is way incorrect. Currently in Charlotte the meter reads 07 degrees and the gay age is telling me 13

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I also experienced the issue of the GPS unit shutting off after a few minutes. I will check the other issues to see if I have those as well.

I haven’t had any issues with the radio stack shutting off. But the outside air temp gauge appears to be stuck at standard temp for me. Something like 56F and 13C. Even though were I live it is like -1C. I also use Rex Weather Force. Which means when I start my flight, it is standard temp out until I load in the weather. So I am not sure if has to do with REX vs a problem solely with the helicopter.