Bad fps while other paywares dont seems to affect it that much?

love the helo so far but it seems that i loose 10 fps with it , im usually with most aircraft over 30 fps in average ,but with this one , even after lowering the graphics settings , it stays between 20 and 24 fps ? is it because of the special flight model ?

Should have nothing to do with the flight model, what areas are you flying out of, we have had no reports of bad fps and would like to help.


i was in new york state ,near ob7 airport , and like i said for some reason , lowering graphics kept the fps around the same numbers

i should mention that i was using skypark at that moment but changing aircraft made the fps go up right away , even with skypark on , if that make any difference , i have the honeycomb yoke and the saitek x 52 pro as controllers ?