Barrel roll and loss of control

Hi, I fly with the Bell in expert mod with automatic rpm control. I Have more loss of control with barrel roll. Is it a bad fly technic or is it a bug ? Thanks.

We need a little more info, how high/fast was you going ? Did you overstress the engine ? Weather conditions ?


Hi thx for answer.
Weather conditions are good, not windy, I don’t overstress the engine (I use automatic rpm) I never put my throttle on max. The speed is +/- 80 in level flight. The speed wind sound become louder and I loss the control with a barrel roll.

If the wind noise became louder then I think its a pilot thing, sounds like overspeed and crash, unless you hit some downdraft in game ?


In msfs, downdraft is active on bell 47 flight mod ?

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Maybe check out the link in the latest post in the thread linked above. :slight_smile:

OK thx for the link, I saw the video and it’s the same thing for me. Carefull in mountains zones. :sweat_smile:

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This has happened to me a few times. It occurred to me that it might be a retreating blade stall as I may not have been watching the speed. The last time it started to happen I floored the collective to kill the speed. Not very elegant but I did recover before I rolled right over.

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I did the same thing to keep the control :slightly_smiling_face: