Bell 206 - Idle Release doesn't prevent throttling down

The little IDLE REL button that pops up when you introduce fuel is supposed to also prevent you from zeroing the throttle and killing the engine mid-flight without first pushing the button back down.

Currently that doesn’t happen, I can just roll my throttle back to zero any time.

+1 if the new button is assignable to a real button!

From Dan guys =

We’re working to add a binding to that for a future update. For now the idle release button just respects the throttle instead of vise-versa
Works great with collectives that have a hardware idle-release, but we’re going to add the alternate mode for people without.



Mr TonyF, I have a Virpil collective and I was wondering if there is a guide to how to set this up? I understand the button assigning part that’s fine, but with Virpil the button reacts half through the throttle axis, any ideas on how to calibrate that, just curious.

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