Bell 206 pedal turn with wind

Hi all, I’m having an issue that’s really putting me off flying the 206 right now and that is the anti torque pedals,

If I have any kind of wind in the SIM, say 10knts plus, I take off want to pedal turn around 180 degrees for an example, once I get to a point the Heli will completely snap around on me where I have to flight the pedals to get it back under control, it’s like I easy off left pedal to start a right pedal turn in a head wind, it gets to a point where I’m hitting a wall and it no longer turns, (crosswind) so I have to push right pedal to push through that wall of air, and all of a sudden it violently snaps spinning right where I have to slam in left pedal to get it back under control, it doesn’t seem normal to me. I have flown helicopters in Sims for years, xplane, DCS, msfs never had behaviour like this before.

Is this an issue or something my end?


That is classic LTE (loss of tailrotor Effectiveness) Depending upon you weight and the density alt. at the time, a quartering tailwind can cause lots of problems.

Do a search online and find yourself a 206B3 Flight manual. Read it! It will define your performance parameters and wind speeds that become hazardous. Most flight sims and flight sim aircraft do not properly model helicopter flight dynamics. This is reality!



Thank you for the explanation, so what should we do in this case if you have to turn to hover taxi out? Or taxi in after landing.

I will have a read of the manual.

Must read. In plane english. Helicopter Flying Handbook | Federal Aviation Administration ( And/Or BHT-206B3-FM-1 - JET RANGER III FLIGHT MANUAL - MODEL 206B3 (

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You can always (and should for the most part) keep your nose into the wind when hover taxiing. You don’t need pavement nor taxiways when hover taxiiing. Don’t be afraid to use all the space you have around you. Ground controllers understand these facts and will likely allow you to taxi and depart into the wind as much as possible.


I will see what vatsim says when I ask lol.

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