Bell 206 - Trim button

Just curious, but right now I can trim with the beeper hat, using the Increase and Decrease trim bindings, but the Set Logitudinal/Lateral Cyclic Trim bindings don’t seem to do anything for me so I thought I’d ask - Are they supposed to work?

What I really want is a trimmer button a la DCS helicopters where I can just push a button and tell the game “this is the new logical center point” instead of having to incrementally trim it there with the hat. Is that currently possible? Or could it be added in a future update?


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A La force trim you mean ? It isnt on this variant of 206 but i can ask Dan and see what he thinks, maybe maybe.


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Yes exactly.

It’s one of those things that is normally a concession made because of the hardware most end-users fly with.

Most of us have spring centered joysticks and it’s uncomfortable to have to hold constant pressure throughout a flight.

The beeper hat works, but it’s slower and less precise. Being able to simply place my joystick where I want it and hit trim and have it use that exact position is so much nicer.

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Could you write something about „beeper hat“?

“Beeper Hat” refers to making incremental trim changes with a hat switch, the way you would in a fixed wing aircraft.

Some helicopters have these hat switches and very frequently they are set up to emit a beeping tone when you press in any direction to adjust the trim. Hence “beeper hat”.

This works in FlyInside’s 206 with the Increase and Decrease Longitudinal/Lateral Cyclic Trim bindings.