Bell 47 elevator trim

Only a curiosity:
Does the real Bell 47 have an elevator trim ?

In MSFS i found that the helicopter has the trim working and is very usefully during long flights in order to release the stick and for hovering during landing.
Thank you

Nope no trim at all on the Bell 47. The devs added that for folks with self centering spring joysticks to reduce fatigue.


Thanks … very helpful.

A new owner here, as I can’t find a mention of this trim functionality in the user manual or in the faqs and only here and there on different forums - I must ask:

I can’t seem to be able to make any of this work. I’ve tried ‘toggle elevator trim’ & ‘set elevator trim’ and so far it looks like both of them don’t do anything. I’m moving my cyclic a bit, pressing a bound button and letting my joystick return to center. The heli doesn’t respond to any of this as expected and cyclic in the sim returns to center as well.

Any help would be more than appreciated, also thanks in advance - this flight model is something else <3


I’m using the standard trim settings with Bell Helicopter, it works and is very usefully in order to avoid to apply constant stick pressure during flight.

And also before hovering for final descent i put the trim in zero position and this simplify the stability of the hely and permit a controlled descent.

I now this is not the real Bell situation but the elevator trim action permit to learn basics heli operations.

Finally i have a display indicator in my home cockpit that shows me the “zero” elevator trim position: the trim values goes from -100% to +100% and at 0% is neutral; also, at this point, the only variable is the wind direction and strenght.

Actually i’m outside home but asap i will be back later i will inform you about the sim parameter for joystick trim assigned buttons.


There is a screenshot with elevator trim i use:


Ok, I managed to get it working. I wasn’t expecting those trim settings to actually do anything on a helicopter but oh well. If this is the way it’s implemented I guess I have to just live with it. I was expecting (I guess the mistake was mine?) a single button trim for both of joystick axis like in a Huey for Dcs, and not like this.

Although the end result wasn’t what I was expecting, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

The Bell developer informed me that the elevator trim is implemented to make the sim flight more comfortable but does not correspond to the real Bell heli.


And its not just elevator trim, the heli responds to aileron trim inputs as well which im guessing is another anti fatigue measure.