Bell 47-G2 “Telecopter”: the first flying TV studio first flew 63 years ago

As usual, when I buy an aircraft to use in any flight simulation, I do it because I’ve some interest into its history and performance. With the Bell 47G-2 I wanted the flying characteristics of a real helicopter, as much as they are possible to recreate inside a computer simulation, but I was also curious about its history, beyond the MAS*H series connection I was aware of. It was then that I found, among other interesting information, the association with the invention of the Telecopter by John D. Silva, a story that really deserves to become a movie. I wonder if anyone has thought about this before.

if you needed an extra reason to buy this helicopter, here it is. The article I wrote - Bell 47G-2 “Telecopter”: the first flying TV studio first flew 63 years ago - points to multiple options when flying the Bell 47G-2. Hope you enjoy the reading as much as i enjoyed searching for the information. I hope this story interests someone able to create a livery and version of the Telecopter to share with the community.

As apparently the website I write for is down at the moment, you can read the story at Medium:


and here is the libery,i make, because he has no one…
it is not real,it is wat he show…
it works for the new version of the Bell 47g…

nice reading there,
cheers Ralf