Bell 47 l0st from pc after format

Hi I bought the bell from sim market to run on my msfs I had to format my pc forgetting about my bought helicopter .I have the receipt and product key. Is it possible to redown the bell and just put in the product key-ty

Hi @Alwight and welcome aboard.

Yes, you should be able to download the Bell from FlyInside Bell 47 - Updates ( and re-enter your key to get it going again.

Please let us know if you have any issues getting it working.



Ty for your quick response I have gone to the link and it’s only showing down load update I have followed the instructions and received the update however I don’t get the bell. Sorry for messing you about am I doing something wrong -ty

The “updates” work by doing a total reinstall of Heli Manager and the Bell, so something else must be going on if it isn’t showing up.

Have you managed to get to the point where Heli Manager is running?

Edit: You’ll need to download and run the executable at the very first link on the page i sent btw.

Hi Paul ty I got it sorted I’ have visual impairment and have to use magnifying glasses and I love this bell makes it more easier for me to fly,once again you have my gratitude ty ty .safe flying oh and I’m in my 69 year lol the oldest pilot in the air lol ty again

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Good to hear and you have me beat on age, as I’m just a 58-year-old “spring chicken” :slight_smile:

Keep on flying.