Bell 47 resetting my pc?

My sim 2020 works well … ive installed flyinside for the bell 47. On its first run the loading bar goes all the way and a few minutes later it resets my pc. ?? … all updates are dun and the flyinside manager said its all up to date ? … any ideas please

Hi mate and welcome :slight_smile: silly question, after the update did you restart everything ? Right down to even restarting your pc just to rule a few things out ?


Many Tony
I’m getting fed up with it now … as I said my msfs 2020 is brill and it loads your flyinside ok … … but after a long wait on the first flight of your bell 47 it restarts my pc ??

Thanks anyway Ian

As soon as i get a hold of Dan we shall look into this for you mate, he’s out and about at the mo.


Can you try something Ian?..Load 2020 up without the Helimanager running, select the B47 and see if that loads in game, then run helimanager and see what it does if you have the time for me ?


Cheers Tony I’ve sorted it … I loaded the front end of fliyside on my C drive and put the rest in the D drive were it found the community file …

Works good now … im also running it the Oculus ha … cheers

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Ahhh great to know mate :slight_smile: thank you for letting us know !!! Enjoy.