Bell 47 Update Incoming!

We have an update launching tomorrow (9/23) afternoon! It’s been a while, but we’ve been making some pretty deep changes to the helicopter to increase performance.

The full change-log:

  • Optimizes Bell 47 by combining textures, remapping UVs, and merging materials. Reduces both CPU and GPU utilization, should yield 10-25% performance improvement on most PCs
  • Resolves missing material on tail section, fixes right-hand door rivet placement
  • Adds Old Orange livery
  • Adds Gulf Line livery

The performance improvements are nice, especially in VR.


So inklude also the one on Floats?
if not i will only test this one.
all repaints need a fix then?
Paintkit also updated?

i will try to redo my Paints if the Heli is ready :+1: :grinning:

Performance improvement sounds great :+1:

No floats (yet), but assuming we don’t get major complaints this does finalize our texture layout and materials setup. So if you want to start modifying repaints, this is the time.

I do feel for you painters, this build makes major changes structurally to how the materials are setup (just a heads-up).

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Will look at this then,at Moment the Wetter is to good to paint…
wat Time you release?

Just registered here to log in and say, I am totally dogging this update.

Really a well-done helo, there’s nothing else like it and can’t wait to see what might be next!

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Awesome glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for signing up :slight_smile:

Yess!! These are great news, can´t wait to try it! I was starting to wonder why the new RSP’s R44 had a better fps performance (pretty impressive, BTW), and I’m glad you guys addressed this issue, because I still love the 47 more. Also the Gulf livery is my all time favourite, it’s great to have it in the default set.

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i still wait for Dan,i can not find the Textures i need to change…
The Gulf wat comes as a Standart is not my Paint,it is nice but not the Gulf racing Colours :wink:
if i know wat i need to change,i will do :+1:

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Yes, to my dismay, I just found out that the Gulf livery is not the orange/blue racing colors. Looking forward for your next version, Easyraider!

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i need to know were to find the Textues for Paneldom and the other i need.
if Dan help me to find them now,i will fix the Paint´s…he wants to give the Texture-info,
but i still wait…i am lost here,sorry.
at Moment i am back to the Version were the stuff work…
also this white Paneldom is a no go for me,i like it black or custom.
i am away for a few Days,maybee if i have the infos i need,i do it next week :wink:

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@Easyraider I just published a doc for you in the other thread, with those locations you asked for. Hopefully that is enough to help out :+1: Happy to provide more info as you need it.

@alceubap “Gulf Line” was actually just supposed to be a fun heli-tour company, we didn’t have the racing livery in mind when modeling it! My bad there, would’ve named it differently.

@Eagleskinner - MSFS doesn’t care about the filenames as long as the materials are defined properly (which they are). Our model started its life under a non-MSFS engine, and although we’ve redesigned the materials since then, the filenames stuck. Anything “BASECOLOR” or “DIFFUSE” is an MSFS albedo map. Anything “ROUGHNESS” or “SPECULAR” is an MSFS COMP map. Normal is self explanatory.

There’s really no value in renaming everything, you can tell from the content of each file (plus the above names) what each one is.

We’ve coalesced textures to improve performance. You’ll see we went from a couple hundred materials down to less than fifty. This yields performance improvements, pretty substantial CPU usage reduction, and some GPU reduction. Depending upon your GPU/CPU balance and MSFS graphics settings you may not notice a difference, but for some it’s very noticeable.

Of course it may have been cleaner to manually remap all UVs manually, merge some materials, repaint textures, etc etc, but this would be a massive undertaking. Instead we came up with a semi-automated method of combining materials which yields the same performance benefits, but I’ll admit, does make painting of the heli non-obvious in places.

Not sure what you mean by jpg vs PNG? Everything we ship is .DDS, and the only source .jpg in the whole helicopter is for the fire extinguisher.

I understand your frustrations though, we’ve been through a lot of artwork changes since launch, and not always in ways that are easy on the artists. We’re working on a new paint-kit for the new combined uv maps. Once we have that available I’ll ping you just in case you’re interested again.


cheers Ralf

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Yesss!! Thanks again, Ralf!

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Have Fun,
i hope it work :+1: :grinning: