Bell 47 update V1.2 and autorotation

Short video flying the updated 47 in Alaska.


Manifold pressure reads barometric pressure when engine isn’t running. Good video.

Thanks. Now I have to look at other aircraft and see if that is modeled.

I’m actually not sure how well it’s modeled in the heli at the moment. I flew tonight with the atis reporting 30.24 and the manifold showed roughly the same 29.92 before I started the engine. I think it’s just placebo at the moment. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if the kollsman ever changes on the altimeter either.

Dan, Tony?

You wont get an accurate barometric reading from the MP gauge. It’s not that precise. It’ll be in the neighbourhood and you only use the environmental pressure before start to check that the gauge is probably functional.

The Kohlsman is on our fix list @spanthony1 :slight_smile:



Sounds good, Tony, thanks!

Agree that it’s not that precise to be used to tell an altimeter setting, Implicit, but you can certainly tell the difference between an above 30" day and below. I’m not asking them to model it to that level of detail, the fact that it shows roughly at all is a very nice little detail.