Bell 47 Version 1.40 Released - Two New Liveries, Improved Performance!

The full change-log:

  • Optimizes Bell 47 by combining textures, remapping UVs, and merging materials. Reduces both CPU and GPU utilization, should yield 10-25% performance improvement on most PCs
  • Resolves missing material on tail section, fixes right-hand door rivet placement
  • Adds Old Orange livery
  • Adds Gulf Line livery

The performance improvements are nice, especially in VR.


looks good…
but the paintkit miss the info for tail,paneldom,the small wings at tail?
please,were did i find the new textures i need

to fix my paints?

also Helisimmer has still this


Hi Ralf,

For the tail-fin, you want MGrp_Mrg7_Diffuse.png. Check out the one in the Texture.Orange folder as an example. You want to replace the orange square with your color of choice.

Which part of the tail tubular structure are you trying to adjust?


PS Nice find on the HeliSimmer. You may have reported that but totally missed it somehow…

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Hi Dan,
i need also the Paneldom(for me i like Black) and the Tail.
can you please give a list like
tail-fin= MGrp_Mrg7_Diffuse.png
tail tubular structure= ?..all wat need for change clour to Red Black or other…?
the two for cabin work i think

Thank´s Ralf

6 houer later :worried:
Hi Dan,

i have waste a few Hours now,i can´t find the textures i need to change now.
it is a pain to reload the Sim for every test,so this takes for ever to find myself…

if i can´t change this i go back to 1.3…Sorry,i do not like this White Paneldome,the Army one has also this White…

1.3 Pervormance for me was also ok,i notice no change to 1.4 at my System…

Hi Ralf,

I will hunt you down and find you those texture locations next week so you can get your paints going again.



Hi Dan,
thank you :grinning:

cheers Ralf

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Since this update the stopwatch in the cockpit can no longer be reset by clicking on it.

Ohhhh nice spot, will pass that on to Dan asap !!!


There would be a lot of work with the cockpit, but they don’t work on it. I indicated the errors when the helicopter appeared.

I’m sorry there was no repair in the cockpit.

  1. The doors, door stiffeners are still square.

  2. The glass is inaccurately positioned.

  3. “Carb heat” control lever 3D, there are texture problems.

  4. The glass effect is still not visible from the outside.

  5. It would be good if the user were given the option to select a transparent glass effect in the cockpit view. (Many people are disturbed by the glass glitter, reflection)

Bell 47 has very good flight dynamics, I would like to enjoy the cockpit in high quality as well. A quality like the H145 helicopter would be good.

I want to help the development team, but they don’t listen …

Why don’t you fix the bugs? Don’t have a 3D modeling specialist?


I’ve put together a document with the locations and filenames of texture elements for tail tubes, cabin, h-stab, v-stab, skids, and panel.

Please feel free to hit me up with questions and additional parts. I’ll update the doc with additional info as we go along, until you have everything you need :slight_smile:

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@hhelikopter We do appreciate the bug reports on this, and we will be addressing these issues as we are able.

It’s not that we’re trying to ignore you, we’ve just had a long list of issues to work through (between other art fixes, performance improvements, and flight model improvements).

thank´s Dan,
will look at this,when i am back,start a trip to Bavaria tomorrow morning.

Cheers Ralf

Hi Dan,

Thank´s for help,i think i get it now

but i have to redo all Paints i like,also the paints from other if i want to use them,no one have update the Paint´s…so i think i stay one the older Version,and wait for a finish B47 and the Floats…

cheers Ralf

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Thank y9ou for taking the time to update those Ralf, they look great :slight_smile:

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Thank´s Dan,
wait still for the Floats,so Textures are final,i want not to waste time and start again :wink:
is there a release date ?

cheers Ralf

Hi Ralf,

Not a release date yet, but getting closer. I will let you know, the floats version of the helicopter does not mess up or change the general texture layout, it just adds a new one for the floats themselves.


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