Bell 47G - Couple of issues

Firstly I wanted to say that this is a beauty. Dropped straight in on the realistic model and took it for a spin around an airport with a friend. It flies so nicely, luckily a reasonable amount of time in DCS helis has definitely helped!

Spotted a couple of things already:

  • The fading out of other players aircraft (In this case my friend in another Bell 47G) happens way too far out! More than any other plane in MSFS. So we can’t fly close to each other without disappearing, this is not good for immersion. In an ideal world other models wouldn’t fade out at all, but if you have to do it can you please reduce the distance dramatically?
  • Rotors in multiplayer are not independent. This means if I don’t start my heli, but a friend does, and then takes off, his heli is flying with completely static rotors until I start. So whatever my blades are doing are exactly mirrored on his heli & vice versa. This is pretty nasty. Note that prop planes don’t exhibit this behaviour in MSFS.

I really hope you can fix these 2 things, they both have a significant impact on group flights, which is 90% of the flying I do in MSFS.

Let me know if you need anymore info.

Thanks again, awesome beasty!


As Dan posted on another forum, we didn’t really do major testing in MP but its on our fix list if we can :wink:


Thanks for the speedy response! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

If we don’t solve it someone will LOL but i am sure we will !!!


I was going to buy this the second it dropped but when i seen the price, $50 AUD for me, that’s a bit steep. Even Steam has regional pricing to help us poor Aussies.

The dealbreaker why i did not buy it was because someone said the rotors and doors (does it even have doors?) mirror onto other players helicopters, i am a heavy multiplayer user with other heli pilots and i don’t believe payware should have that issue, the Free H135 has the doors now fixed and they say rotors soon for multiplayer.
Kinda weird being shut down on a pad and seeing other people flying around with stationary rotors.


I’m in Austalia too and thought it was expensive but I’m so happy with it considering the flight systems and characteristics that are modelled. The freeware helicopter isn’t modelled like this and doesn’t include anything like this Bell 47. I’d rather fly something as realistic as possible rather something that looks nice.


I agree on the realism for the flight model, but something like the doors and rotors mirroring is poor.

I’m sure those visual issues will be fixed in the not-too-distant future and in the meantime, I’d recommend just enjoying the experience of flying it.

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