Bell 47G - final version

Good Morning…
I want to know what is the latest version of Bell-47G for MSFS2020, is it v1.71?

Not sure about MSFS2020 but easy enough to check directly from the author.

I’ve flown several choppers and many of the later models have enough power you can treat flying them like an arcade game… Up/Down/Left/Right… etc.

Not so with the 47’, you actually have to be conscious of flying it at every instant, it is actually tiring after an hour or two.

Open bubble, min control panel, extreme view… I haven’t experienced anything like it.

You will never regret adding this model to your flight simulator.

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FlyInside B-47 - Updates ( will be as good a place as any to check and you will see that there is now a new version, 1.80, to download.