Bell 47G Rudder Trim

Hi, is rudder trim a thing? Can feel elevator and aileron trim, but not rudder…or is it slow?

Ta for your hard work.

Rudder trim doesn’t work…Because it’s not a rudder. Even though you assign your pedals (you have pedals right?) to axis_rudder-set.
Apart from that, welcome. :grinning:

Yes, I have pedals. Just wondered if yaw could be negated somewhat. Thanks for the welcome. Keep up the good work.

If I’m wrong Rick will be along and put my right, but I don’t think so. Like both the Flyinside helicopters you have to FLY them. That, for me, is what puts them apart from Airbuses. Oh and any good work I’ve done is the practice. I’m just a customer.

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Ron, You are perfectly correct. Anti-torque pedals in a helicopter are in play anytime power is changed. In fact change position of one control (cyclic, collective, pedals) you will be changing the other two.

In HeliManager you can add artificial stability and have it fly without pedals… but that’s not how they fly in the real world.