Bell 47G tumbles off the deck in the hangar when MSFS restarts

If the MSFS is ended after the last flight with the BELL 47G, the helicopter falls from the ceiling every time the simulator is restarted, which causes my DOF Reality P6 motion seat to rock wildly.

Thank you for your reponse!

After I tested all liveries individually (landing - PC restart - SIM restart) I have to report that the “falling from the ceiling” happens with all BELL 47Gs.

But that doesn’t matter now, because the “emergency stop” switch on my DOF Reality P6 is now the last step in the shutdown.

This helicopter is incredibly great to “fly” - on the other hand, the H135 is a children’s toy!

Thank you so much for your great work!


That is a very strange bug. Is the “falling from the ceiling” happening on the menu screen/hangar, before loading a flight?

Yes, exactly:
before I even enter the hangar, my P6 (DOF Reality) seat is rumbling and in the background of the main screen I see the BELL 47G falling from the ceiling.

In the first hangar, it either lies on its back or is half sunk in the ground.

This does not happen with any other aircraft or with the H135.

But I just like your excellent BELL!

:+1: Danke!
Stefan Graber

Glad you’re enjoying it regardless! I’ll see if we can reproduce, I don’t recall seeing that behavior though.