BELL 47G2-A1 Worth the Money

Came onto the website to purchase the Bell 47G2-A1, after waiting some time over the past couple of weeks to be able to do so. Checked more online videos ,had to buy the Bell, and boy am I glad I did. This is a beautiful aircraft and you can see all the effort and hard work put into creating this chopper. Watching it on YouTube is one thing but after flying it ( with some difficulty ) for the past two hours you can see your skills getting better the more you fly.
Have noticed my frame rate dropped slightly but that may be my system, so will have to check my settings and adjust to bring back.
Buy this little bird because you’ll be so glad you did, happy hovering.


It’s a study quality helicopter (every system implemented, highly realistic flight model, failures). Yes, the heli it’s based upon is not the most complex, but the accuracy is there and our simulation is faithful. Compare to other high quality helis - the DoDoSim 206 is $50, the Dreamfoil R-22 is $30 (so $5 difference), MilViz helis tend to run around $40.

We’ve created a high quality aircraft, and despite the fact that it’s currently the only helicopter for MSFS with a highly realistic flight model, we haven’t gone and priced it above similar aircraft available for other sims. We’ve priced it right in-line, no gouging. There are piston singles in the marketplace for $30, and we’re charging $35 for something much more unique, that took a lot of development.


Value is in the “eye of the beholder”. Milviz charges $39.99 for their FG-1D Corsair. For a warbird that is fully modeled, with all the systems recreated, as well as all the potential hazards, to me this is worth the money.

JustFlight offers their PA-28 at $44.99. Have you seen all the features that thing has?? It is jam packed.

DC Designs F-15 is $40.99, and you get not one but 4 versions of the jet, which while system limited (meaning you cannot shoot anything down or bomb anything in the sim), does fly about as good as the DCS World Flaming Cliffs 3 F-15C does.

And we will not even begin about the price of DCS birds…

For the money FlyInside has charged for this helicopter, it does everything i expected it to do. The fact that it is the only one currently out there at that level of fidelity is worth it. Dan, give me your paypal address please. I will gladly have you refund this person’s money and pay their share myself, since I certainly do not want to appear biased by having been a beta tester and reviewer. Take MY money, FlyInside!


I’m on the other end and have found it to be a complete waste of money.
The only payware I have that’s worse is the Gazelle in DCS and that was part of a bundle, so I can’t complain too much about that.

I’m on the other end and have found it to be the best thing I’ve bought in ages. It cost me about the same as what I paid for the DCS Huey (when it was on sale not full price) and it’s every bit as good and enjoyable as that classic, only with infinitely better scenery to fly over, so for me it’s been more than worth it. Sorry to hear you don’t like it, but I’m genuinely puzzled - it’s had an incredibly positive response all across the internet, with the flight model being the standout feature. It doesn’t sound like you are flying the same aircraft.
I agree on the DCS Gazelle though, never enjoyed flying that, it just felt wrong, so that was a bit of a waste of money, but such is life.

I have flown 4 different Bell 47s (last year, so still fairly fresh in memory) and none of them remotely behaved like this one. Just about everything is off. Cyclic response, tail response, power, RRPM, engine response. Funky ground effect behavior, miniscule flapback, inconsistent pick-up and the enormous amount of power that left pedal will eat.

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Fair do’s, I’m sure that’s all true at your end. Meanwhile me and everyone else is having a whale of a time, so if you don’t mind we’ll agree to disagree. Hope you find a better helicopter some time mate, cheers.

Oh this heli is terribad!! Thats why I’ve only done 100 hours in it in 2 weeks lol

Last update made it a bit better fixed a few issues. There’s still many things that needs to be sorted out, not so much the flight dynamics them selfs but a fair few other things as Dan already know and are or will be working on soon. We all have seen the list by now of what is in the works.

My only gripes are how the blades is synced with every other helicopter around but as I said, I know it will be fixed so its fine. Worst thing ever is when there is an issue and no word on if it will ever be fixed. But Dan gave us a huge list and comments on it, this is how its done!

Not flown it as much this past week, not been feeling well and got my first jab 24 hours ago, luckily I feel very good so far, no issues, not even a light fever… but that could still come. But my arm did not enjoy flying the heli right now so having a bit of a break and I cant wait to get back in to it!

Heard so many people say its the most fun they have had in the this sim to date! And I agree, I was showing my cousin, and while it looks slow and it can be difficult at times especially if you try to do anything else at the same time, the gentle touch and effort taken to fly it well make it a joy even if you just go straight from A to B. I was heading up Lake Tahoe again and I actually got a blade stall and it was unrecoverable, think the last patch “fixed” that, before the patch I could recover now it was just impossible. And in reality, it should probably be impossible.

My main issue in the sim is often figuring out what I’ll actually do, I got OnAir but as usual, been too lazy with that too.