Bell, mountains and up- / downdrafts

Hi folks,

been enjoying the 47 a ton since the day it came out and fly it most of the time. Great work, it’s probably my favourite add-on right now :smiley:

I noticed something peculiar during mountain flights. It seems like there is no downdraft or updraft effect present along mountainsides. The flight trajectory is influenced by wind but as long as I maintain attitude I also maintain altitude. To test it I did some runs along ridges and mountainsides, from shallow to steep, with wind speeds from 4 to 45 knots. No matter how strong the wind I was never pushed up or down while sticking to cruise flight attitude. Flying straight over ridges did not cause any changes in vertical speed either.

I think we may have a bug here! Does MSFS normally simulate updrafts and downdrafts around mountains?

I’ve added this to our bug list to look into, assuming MSFS has the data, it should be an easy fix on our end.

Thank you for the quick reply :smiley: good to know, would make this challenging little bird even better.

Yes it does simulate them quite well, had my fair share of near misses when approaching mountain airstrips over sloped terrain due to some violent downdraft along the slope :laughing:

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Yes flow over mountains is there thankfully, it makes ridge soaring possible :slight_smile:

Just saw the update on your Road Map, you guys are amazing! :smiley:
Keep rocking with this brilliant add-on! :beers:

Thank for this epic feel and “2nd life to FS” update !

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