Bell47 lost collective input

Hoping someone may have a clue on a very odd problem I’m having. Been using a CH Pro Throttle successfully but have now switched to a WinWings Collective. For some reason it will not operate the collective lever in the 47. Works fine with other helicopters within MS Flight Simulator and DCS. If I switch back to the CH throttle it works again. Have deleted the 47 and re-installed to no avail. Cheers :slight_smile:

Sorry, just found the other older post referencing using the Throttle 1 axis and seems to have worked a treat. However I now have another question; how to map the twist throttle on the collective. I’ve tried every likely candidate but no luck so far. TIA :slight_smile:

Hi mate, give Propeller Pitch Axis 1 a try, you might need to reverse axis though :slight_smile:

Lovely section in the 47 manual about it :wink:


Fantastic, thanks Tony! Now to relearn some long lost skills :nerd_face:

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