Bell47G2 has problems in VR

The helicopter has problems in VR. Everything is fine in the cockpit view. In the exterior view, the picture wobbles terribly despite the same frame rate. When you look away from the helicopter, the image is smooth again. This is not the case with other helicopters, like the H145! My suspicion is the poorly animated tail rotor.

My system: Win10pro, I9-9900K, RTX3080ti

Generally the wobbly view in VR is caused by low frame-rate or high GPU load. From that external view your GPU will be rendering all the entire helicopter which increases the load a bit. What sort of frame-rates are you seeing?

Thank you for the answer.
The framerate is 80fps, CPU power: 17%, GPU power 47%.
Other helicopters do not have this effect. It looks like the wobble is synchronized with the tail rotor animation. The user should be able to disable the strobe effect in the setup.