Blocked in starting mode

Hello after install no pb i start MSFS
i activate with code no pb and tune with the heli manager
i make a flight no pb a restatr MSFS i load Bell47 and i have this situation in loop… not possible to find bell 47 this popup are in loop!
can you help me?

Hi mate, have you tried rebooting to start ? This usually does the trick with a problem like this.

Second action is to go to your appdata folder and locate your sim (msfs2020) folder and find the simconnect.xml and delete it.

same situation here, just restarting the machine there the next flight happens again, I change the scenery it goes in loop in that same step. I believe he uses some windows service, as with logtech I have to close a service to get back up and running.

AeroCb - This could be huge. We’ve only had a few reports of it, so we couldn’t find the cause, but we’ve had enough we know there’s a bug. Does it seem directly tied to a conflict with the Logitech service?

negative, I mentioned the logtech service as an example, I am doing some tests to check if it can be a temporary file, but still without success.

what i meant is that there may be some windows service with your plugin that may be getting stuck. (as with the logtech plugin that controls the panels)

I’m going to do a test on another computer that I use to develop scenarios, which has nothing from third parties like logtech navgraf among others.

on my current machine I have already put only the helicopter in the community, but it continues with the same problem.

I will keep trying to find a solution if I find a path put here.

Tests: :helicopter:

empty community folder: unsuccessful
appdata delete files: unsuccessful
check the task manager, clean startup, vs after the error to look for different active processes: unsuccessful
developer mode on / off: unsuccessful
switch to the plug-in installation location: unsuccessful
restart the system: successful, but not practical.

which leads me to think, some file that when starting the simulator creates a temporary file that is renewed after restarting the computer.

test pc:
i7 10700
16gb ddr4 3000
rtx 2060 super

as my partner is not at home I was unable to take the test on another computer, tomorrow as soon as I take the test I inform the result.

att time aerocb

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Apologies for the inability to send private messages. This is new forum software for us and we’re still figuring it out. I really appreciate all of this in-depth testing.

If you want, shoot me an email at If you have the time we can setup a phone call. I’d love to get to the bottom of this and fix whatever’s going wrong.

I just checked that I have a locked update, I will do one of the most critical tests to format the computer and update the windows to the latest version.

hello, today I am restarting MSFS I have chosen to manually launch heli manager,
I open a flight with the Bell47 
I start the heli the first time eating in administrator mode you never know ... 
the module finds a bell47 since it allows me access to adjustment ... 
and it works!
I quit the flight and restart the other flight with a Bell and the helimanager 
shows me the settings for 3 seconds and loses the Bell47 ...... 
so obviously your module loses its head ... 
no longer possible to find the Bell it only works the first time ... 
it starts to be painful!


We are aware of this bug and are working on the fix, hopefully have it out today.


after several tests,
as listed above.
I also had a 20h4 update stuck on my system.
after reinstalling the operating system, to be on a cleaner platform.
and with the newer version of the aircraft, with an hour of testing so far I have not had the problem of lack of communication with the plugin, I will continue to perform tests more apparently back to normal.
I will reinstall my navigation software and continue testing.
I just have to thank all the support and especially Dan for all the service provided so far.
Aerocb Team

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hello TonyF / Dan,

after the update …same problem if i shutdown the filght in course shutdown motor save the flight and reload le manager dont find the Bell47

even if I click on the new button ...


new test to day ...same pb!!

![bug helimanager|363x500](upload://dh5sM6xQ1yyqbr9mQGX4IFlx5BV.png)