Bugs in 1.8,need fix

Hey Dan,
is there a way to fix this? pilot fingers go outside…
look´s crazy,get it at all paints.also at the paints wat comes from your 1.8

Good spot.

I wonder if MS/Asobo will be introducing pilots with more appropriate poses when they officially add helicopters to MSFS?

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Just placing the arm on the lap as opposed to the side would suffice.

still pilot fingers go outside…
i have other helis now,and there they were fine,see Gotfriends have also pilot animated…so were nice to get it fix now
so no plan to update the 47 ?


cheers Ralf

We’ve got a large update for the 47 currently under development, not too long now.

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Thank you,please if possible…do not have a look that the liverymods not get mess up again :smile: